Solid Waste Recycling Complex

Done by 

R u l a   A L - K H A L i L I

K H A L D O N  A W I W I


Dr. S H A D E N   A W A D


Solid Waste Recycling Complexrepresents an educational, entertainment, environmental and industrial project. It tries to deal with pertinent issues such as the recycling of waste in parallel with the conservation of materials. It proposes to build a solid waste recycling complex while still attempting to develop the site into a coherent and usable landscape, by reclaiming Al-Ram crushers with the conservation of its form to keep in mind the environmental disaster of Al-Ram crunchers, as to shape people’s behavior towards environmental issues. The project promotes ecological management of resources and waste to reduce the ecological footprint.


The design creates a physical solution that promotes socio-economic sustainability, thus contributes in improving the quality of life and human enjoyment. For more details: