IsArch awards for Architecture students 2016 - Finalist

Diala Andonia, Dina Habash, Tolista Ballout

Berkeley Prize 2016  –  Winning proposal

Nadia Asali 

Hult Prize 2016  - Second Place  
Mahran Naim, Shayma Mufreh 

Undergraduate Research & innovation conference in engineering and information technology  2016 – First Place

Abdallah Hammad


Omrania 2015 – Honourable mention

 Rula Alkhalili, Khaldoon Awawi


Free architectural drawing  2014 – First place

Organized by the Palestinian Centre for Architectural Conservation/Riwaq

Mehran Abu al-Hummos


Omrania 2014 – First place

Renall Elghoul

 Omrania 2013Honourable mention

Faiq Meri


Berkeley Prize 2013 – Second Place

Faiq Meri


Berkeley Prize 2010  - Second Place  
Yara saqf Alhait