Admission Requirements:

Students will be admitted competitively for direct specialization according to their Palestinian scientific stream average (TAWJIHI) or its equivalent.

Graduation Requirements:

Student must complete the following requirements:

A.    Compulsory Courses:   (21) credit hours of courses include the following:



B.    Faculty of Engineering Requirements:

C.    Specialization courses: those are divided into Specialization Compulsory courses (101 credit hours) , and Specialization Electives  (6 credit hours)

 a.     Specialization Compulsory courses (101 credit hours)

B.    Specialization Electives  (6 credit hours)

D.    Elective courses: The student to take 6 credit hours from the university courses

Conditions to continue in the program:

Fulfill the continuation conditions as stated by the university academic regulations. 

Implementation Plan for the program and the distribution of courses:

This plan is the recommended study plan for a full-time student at the spatial planning engineering program.