Department of Architectural Engineering & Spatial Planning

The Department of Architectural Engineering offers an academic program leading to Bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering with a concentration in Architectural Design, Urban Planning or General concentration.


Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering

Program Admission Requirements

·         Student must pass the following courses: PHYS 141, PHYS 131, MATH 141, MATH 132 with a cumulative average no less than 70%

·         Passing and obtaining no less than 70% in the both ENAR211 and ENME 121

·         Department approval based on intake

Program Requirements


Student must successfully complete a minimum of 107 credit hours of courses distributed as follows:


A.    Compulsory Courses (93 credit hours) distributed as follows:

1. (13 credit hours) ENCE 223,323, 330, 336, 532

2. (3 credit hours) ENME 430

3. (3 credit hours) ENEE 330

4. Core courses (74 credit hours) ENAR 213, 214, 221, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 323, 324, 330, 334, 335, 341, 342, 401, 421, 431, 433, 434, 436, 441, 442, 511, 520, 530


B.     Electives Courses (14 credit hours) distributed as follows:


1. Must finish all courses (11 credit hours) in one of the following concentrations, or for the general track, students can choose from the following list and should include ENAR 543 or ENAR 541:

·         Architectural Design: ENAR 412, 539,5391, 541

·         Urban Planning: ENAR 413, 535, 536, 543


2. Elective course (3 credit hours) from the following list or from the previous concentration courses: ENAR 531, 532, 533, 534, 537,538



Courses Description (ENAR)

211 Visual Communication I                                                                                          

     1 cr. hrs.

Freehand drawing using main presentation mediums and skills (including pencil, charcoal, and Chinese ink), applications on different freehand drawing techniques, graphic materials and tools as instruments to develop a visual perception of shapes, masses and void, spaces, still life composition, landscape and architectural elements in the surrounding environment, approach to different means of harmony (proportions, rhythm, balance, scale, etc.) through freehand drawing. (Studio 3hrs)

213 Visual Communication II                                                                                        

     1 cr. hrs.

Architectural presentation using different mediums of colors and graphic (color pencils, watercolors, pastel colors, etc.), understanding the surrounding environment through color, developing the students understanding of the theory of color, understanding the architectural environment and its visual elements though color and texture and the development of the skills to analyze and document these element through color. (Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite:  ENAR211

214 Visual Communication III                                                                                      

     1 cr. hrs.

Introduction to the elements of visual composition (line, color, form, space, area and texture), development of their properties and fundamentals of their applications through creative works, studio exercises developing the visual perception visual definitions and relationships, applications in two-dimensional and three-dimensional expressions. (Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR213

220 Computer Aided Design                                                                                      

     2 cr. hrs.

Introduction to the principles of computer aided drawing, drawing two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional compositions using computer aided design software, organizing information for input, output and preview. Applications of CAD programs to comprehensive architectural project (Lab 6hrs). Prerequisite: Department approval

221 Descriptive Geometry                                                                                            

     2 cr. hrs.

Points, lines and planes in space and multi-view drawings, true length of lines, true shape of planes, parallelism and perpendicularity, intersection of lines, planes and solids, development. (Lecture 1hr, Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENME 121

231 Design I                                                                                                                   

      3 cr. hrs.

An introduction to the theory and practice of two-dimensional and three-dimensional compositions and their location in space, architectural application of the foundations of design and architectural compositions, interplay of form and space and means of harmony, proportion, and circulation elements, the course requires practical application of the theory mentioned and a perception of the indoor and outdoor spaces and the relationship between them, the principles of their organization, and their relationship to human behavior through the development of a basic architectural projects on a simple topographic sites. (Lecture 1hr, Studio 6hrs). Prerequisite:  Department approval

232 Designs II                                                                                                    

      3 cr. hrs.

Specific factors of architecture, natural and social environment as fundamental factor for architectural design, site analysis, functional relationships, outdoor and indoor spatial requirements, conceptualization and generation of forms and spaces and circulation, design studio aims to create small experimental projects which emphasize influence of different aspects relating to architectural design with a focus on the functional, constructional, and aesthetic aspects (Lecture 1hr, Studio 6hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 231

233 Architectural Presentation and Perspective                                                        

     3 cr. Hrs.

Terms, symbols, and architectural diagrams used for architectural presentation, lettering, instrumental drawing in pencil and ink, dimensioning and scaling, rendering architectural projects emphasizing on sites, plans, elevation, sections and adding architectural symbols, understanding perspective, types and applications, different methods of drawing perspectives, shortcuts for drawing perspectives, understanding shade and shadows, application of shades and shadows on architectural elevations, three-dimensional objects and perspectives (Lecture 1hr , Studio 6hrs). Prerequisite: ENME 121

234 History of Architecture I                                                                                        3 cr. hrs.

A survey and analysis of historical development of architecture and human settlements during the Prehistoric, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman civilizations within a historic, cultural and technical framework, analysis of issues of art of architecture and building within its human context, architectural style in terms of morphology, construction, and formation. (Lecture 3hr) Prerequisite: Department approval

235 History of Architecture II                                                                                      

      3 cr. hrs.

A Survey and analysis of Architecture from early Christian period to end of Renaissance period, interaction between Byzantine and Islamic architecture, analysis of historical, cultural, and technical differences  during different ages, comparative analysis of architectural styles till the Neo-classical period. (Lecture 3hr) Prerequisite: ENAR 234

236 Building Construction I                                                                                      

      3 cr. hrs.

An introduction to building construction, building materials: their properties, uses and performance in different environments (wood, clay, metals, stone, glass, etc.), the preparation of the building material, and their effect under moisture and underground water, different kinds of walls, floors, and roofing systems, study of stairs and elevators, and a practical introduction to working drawings through drawing building material symbols and using architectural terminology, and drawing details for the various architectural elements being discussed. (Lecture 2hrs , Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: Department approval

237 Building Construction II                                                                                     

      3 cr. hrs.

Introduction to various building construction systems, expansion, contraction and settlement joints, insulation materials (heat, noise, moisture, etc.),  internal finishing materials, kitchens and bathrooms, fireplaces, techniques used for protection against environmental forces ( umbrellas, louvers,  malkaf, etc.), introduction to precast architecture, focus through the practical application  on increasing the understanding of presenting working drawings and details done by producing working drawings for a medium scale building with all of the symbols and architectural details.  (Lecture 2hrs, Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 236

323 Theories of Architecture I                                                                                   

      2 cr. hrs.

Architectural trends in the world from Industrial Revolution to present, review and analysis of philosophic origins and cultural, social, economic, political and technical factors, works of pioneer architects and their relevance to the region (Lecture 2hrs).  Prerequisite: ENAR 235

324 Theories of Architecture II                                                                                 

       2 cr. hrs.

Architectural trends in the Arab and Islamic countries in the twentieth century, problem of heritage and modernity in works of Arab architects, The philosophical, cultural, social and technical approaches that have determined the method of handling this problem (Lecture 2hrs).  Prerequisite: ENAR 323

330 Field School on Local Palestinian Architecture                                                

       3 cr. hrs.

Field work during the summer semester for 45 day aiming for the introduction to the Palestinian architectural heritage and its analysis, the course includes lectures, studio work and field work where the students are distributed to various sites in Palestinian villages and cities, the students work during a specific time frame to survey and document the site and provide alternatives for its development. Prerequisite: ENAR 324

334 History of Architectural in Islam                                                                            

      3 cr. hrs.

Art and Architecture of the Islamic civilization from its beginning to the downfall of Ottoman empire, survey and analysis of major periods and trends in historical, cultural, social and technical context, comparative study concerning houses and schools in the Islamic world, analysis of fundamental elements such as mashrabiat, pedestrian zones, decorative element (Lecture 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 235

335 Building Construction III                                                                                        

      3 cr. hrs.

Preparation of complete set of working drawings, large scale projects, working details with a focus on new building technologies including precast concrete and long span roofing systems, full details for architectural, mechanical, sanitary, and electrical work done specifically for projects being submitted for tender. (Lecture 1hr, Studio 6hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 237

341 Design III                                                                                     

       4 cr. hrs.

The Philosophy and methodology of Architectural design, Analysis of major parameters of architectural style, nature and shape and their influence on buildings for residential purposes, Design studio on medium scale projects with complete architectural programs on medium topographic sites, emphasizing certain philosophical approach and following up a clear design methodology that deals with issues like architectural style, image and nature. (Lecture 1hrs, Studio 9hrs).  Prerequisite: ENAR 232

342 Design IV                                                                                                          

       4 cr. hrs.

Principles of buildings design for public commercial, administrative and educational buildings, as well as their relationship to the surrounding urban fabric, The impact of architectural design of these buildings on human behavior in visual and functional approach, Analysis of international architectural projects, Design studio on similar projects with will defined programs and located at the centers or suburbs of the cities on medium topographic sites, Interior design of some major elements within the project. (Lecture 1hr, Studio 9hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR341

401 Practical Training                                                                                                  

       0 cr. hrs.

Professional training during summer course for a period of six weeks at a specialized engineering institution. Prerequisite: ENAR 442

412 Seminar in Architectural Design                                                                               

       1 cr. hr.

The course consists of lectures that focus on reviewing research papers in the field of architectural design, It aims to train students to use library resources and review and analyze published research papers in the field of architectural design, The students will write a research paper in the field of architectural design, and each student will present and discuss his research paper in class, This research paper will enable the students to prepare and submit a well structured research proposal for the graduation project course. (Discussion once a week). Prerequisite: ENAR 441

413 Seminar in Urban Planning                                                                                  

       1 cr. hr.

The course consists of lectures that focus on reviewing research papers in the field of urban planning, It aims to train students to use library resources and review and analyze published research papers in the field of urban planning, The students will write a research paper in the field of urban planning, and each student will present and discuss his research paper in class, This research paper will enable the students to prepare and submit a well structured research proposal for the graduation project course. (Discussion once a week). Prerequisite: ENAR 433

421 Computer Visualization and Modeling                                                                

      2 cr. Hr.

Introduction to modern computer applications in the field of architectural presentation (such as 3D software), aiming to improve the design sense for better visual appreciation, Three-dimensional applications as means of architectural communication, Introduction to visual reality, Practical applications to produce three dimensional models for architectural project (Studio 6hrs).Prerequisite: ENAR220.

431 Environmental Architecture                                                                                  

        3 cr. hrs.

Buildings and outdoor environment, study of climatic and environmental factors and their influence on buildings, traditional architectural treatments such as: building materials and structures, orientation of buildings, courtyards, wind tower, water surfaces and vegetation, modern technical approaches: solar energy, construction materials, and their use in architecture (Lecture 2hrs, Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 342

433 Principles of Planning I                                                                                          

      3 cr. hrs.

An introduction to planning principles and planning theories and the institutions involved in the process, introduction to urban planning as a scientific methodology, strategic planning approaches, decision making mechanisms, the methodological levels for the development of urban planning programs in the inhabitance, or transportation, or public spaces or other fields, the introduction to the goals and constraints, learning field surveying and analysis, placing guidelines, providing suggestions and options and learning to choosing the best of the options, learning the various planning policies and strategies through working with cases either individually or in a team. (Lecture 2hrs, Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 324

434 Principles of Planning II                                                                                      

      3 cr. hrs.

Developed theoretical understanding of the main topics with regards to land use (scattered construction, smart growth, new urban developments, and land management etc.) to develop a full in-depth methodology for future urban plans, the study of the elements, techniques, and models used for urban development including land use limits, land use placement, transfer of ownership and land division, looking at the legal background for land ownership and creating master plans, working on actual cases to create master plans found within the architectural spaces.  (Lecture 2hrs, Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 433

436 Landscape Architecture                                                                                        

      3 cr. hrs.

Concept of landscaping, overview of regional and environmental landscaping, brief history of gardens and landscaping including the Islamic civilization, overview of plants, their types, description and maintenance, site design of national, regional, private and public parks, housing projects and landscaping, planting design, studio design with different scale and nature (Lecture 1hr, Studio 6hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 441, ENAR 433


441 Design V                                                                                                           

        4 cr. hrs.

The principles for designing public, cultural, health, and sports buildings with the focus on the diversity of the spaces according to the spatial and functional needs of each project and its impact on the architectural composition, the relationship between the building and the surrounding urban fabric, in depth analysis of the architectural, artistic and technical systems specific for the architectural type give, analysis of international architectural projects, practical application of theory through various projects with different functions and urban placement, interior design to some specific spaces in the project (Lecture 1hr, Studio 9hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 342

442 Design VI                                                                                  

        4 cr. hrs.

The integration between urban design and the built and natural environment, designing large scale complex buildings that look at realistic design problems and takes into account building regulations, and deals with electrical, mechanical, and sanitary regulations, aims to include the requirements for the special needs and the safety and emergency requirements, an introduction to the design of agricultural and industrial architecture in terms of planning, infrastructure and production lines requirements taking into consideration matters of safety, emergency and fire, The general design parameters and their impact on the physical configuration of these buildings, analysis of international architectural projects (Lecture 1hr, Studio 9hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 441

511 Advanced Skills                                                                                                   

        1 cr. hrs.

Studio course in the field of architectural design and urban planning, concentrating on developing students skills and ability to develop conceptual design ideas in a short and limited timeframe. (Studio 6hrs, every two weeks).  Prerequisite: fifth year standing

520 Introduction to Graduation Project                                                               

         2 cr. hrs.

Introduction to data collection, preliminary studies, site selection and site analysis with guidance and approval of a faculty member in order to prepare a comprehensive research document that serves as design program for the course ENAR 530. Prerequisite: fifth year standing, ENAR 401,ENAR 442

530 Graduation Project                                                                                                 

        3 cr. hrs.

Full comprehensive project that reflects the knowledge accumulated by the student during his studies, the project includes a detailed presentation of the site, and design of the interior and exterior spaces, and the relationship between elements of the project using structural and environmental systems, and the project is being prepared under the supervision of a faculty in the department faculty members. Prerequisite: ENAR 520, (ENAR 541 or ENAR 543)

531 Theories of Architecture III                                                                         

        3 cr. hrs.

Architectural identity in Palestine and problem of modernity since the rise of modern architecture in the twentieth century; a comprehensive analysis of the historical, political, cultural, social, economic and technical factors that in modern architectural movement in Palestine. Prerequisite: ENAR 324


532 Principles of Planning III                                                                                    

       3 cr. hrs.

Urban planning in Palestine, formation of urban structures, evolution of urban fabric from the Ottoman Empire till present time, population growth and distribution, social, economic, environmental and urban planning issues in Palestine, (Lecture 2hrs, Studio 3hrs).  Prerequisite: Department approval

533 Housing                                                                                                                

        3 cr. hrs.

The concept of human settlement and its development, the social and economic dimension and its impact on the availability of adequate housing, the role of the private and public sectors in dealing with the issues of housing, the methods of dealing with the scattered housing and historic sites, etc., and how to address these issues within the social perspective. Prerequisite: ENAR 434

534 Building Rehabilitation                                                                                     

       3 cr. hrs.

principles of documenting and recording urban and architectural features, Building rehabilitation, maintenance and adaptation to modern requirements, Principles of choosing and using appropriate materials and technologies for rehabilitation, Interior space in old buildings and its functional, visual and structural problems.  (Lecture 2hrs, Lab 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 330, ENAR 431

535 Community Architecture                                                                                       

       3 cr. hrs.

The relationship between architecture and community development through the application to real project to upgrade residential and living environment, cooperation with local community, applying adequate design principles (Lecture 2hrs, Lab 3hrs) Prerequisite: Department approval

536 Geographic Information Systems-[GIS]                                                             

       3 cr. hrs.

Detailed survey of basic GIS principles, implementations in urban design, landscaping, planning and restoration problems, applications on different computer software programs available in this field, focusing on its importance as a tool (Lecture 2hrs, Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: Department approval

537 Selected Topic in Architectural Design                                                               

        3 cr. hrs.

Study of a selected problem in the field of architectural design, topic depends on the needs of the students in the architectural design field and faculty’s interests Prerequisite: Department approval

538 Selected Topic in Urban Planning                                                                      

       3 cr. hrs.

Study of a selected problem in the field of urban planning, topic depends on the needs of the students in the urban planning field and faculty’s interests Prerequisite: Department approval

539 Interior Design                                                                                                       

      3 cr. hrs.

Fundamentals of interior design, Indoor space perception: functional, visual, structural and esthetical, analysis of relationship between outdoor and indoor spaces, , survey of history of interior design and furniture through ages, materials used in interior design and their applications, studio design on selected projects or buildings prepared previously by students (Lecture 2hrs, Studio 3hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 442


5391 History of Art                                                                                                      

      3 cr. hrs.

The development of artistic taste and refinement of sensory perception and aesthetic through recognition of human creative production throughout the ages, Especially the art of painting, sculpture and applied arts, architecture, the contribution of the intellectual, social and political influences, In addition to the scientific discoveries and technology in the emergence of a distinct artistic movements with a focus on ancient Egypt Arts and Mesopotamia and the Levant, the Islamic Arts, revolutionary changes in the arts of the twentieth century and its impact on Palestinian art.. Prerequisite: Department approval

541 Advanced Architectural Design                                                                          

       4 cr. hrs.

Study of contemporary trends in Architecture through the analysis of main trends in architectural thought in the end of 20th century, studio design of projects integrated technically and dealing with the topics of contemporary issues in architecture and the effect of modern technology on design methodology (Lecture 1hrs, Studio 9hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 442

543 Advanced Urban Design                                                                                        

      4 cr. hrs.

Philosophy and fundamentals of architecture, analysis of basic trends in architectural thought, elements of urban design and its decisive factors, urban style and individuality, studio design of comprehensive project/projects that deal with the problem of harmony, existing urban identity and structures, the impact of philosophical, functional, social, economic and aesthetical factors on urban design (Lecture 1hrs, Studio 9hrs). Prerequisite: ENAR 442, ENAR 434