Environmental cultural path

Atara , Jebya , Aboud , Dir-ghassanah and Beit-rima these Palestinian villages were our Environmental cultural path.

The idea of the project started with the goal of creation a cultural environmental tourist trips by creating pathways that shows the life of a Palestinian human. Also it aims to modify the cultural knowledge through linking the tourists with the local Palestinian communities.

So our path give the visitor a real experience, real knowledge about natural and environmental places, and finally interaction with the local population to engage in their own culture and social life.

D1: Dir-Ghassanah
In Dir-Ghassanah we tried to modify the cultural concept by using the existing traditional buildings. These buildings were rehabilitated and used for multi purposes. First of all these traditional buildings show the Palestinian traditional architecture, also they were used to exhibit the traditional tools , these tools will be made in front of the visitors to interact the social community with them and preparing the Palestinian popular dishes which were made by the local people.

D2:Wadi alymone
In the second position of our path, the visitors will have the experience to interact with the nature through hiking or walking on an optional path, this path contains natural views that will fascinate the visitors, like water springs and rare herbs. In this position visitor could have the opportunity to rest so they can complete the path.

D3: Aboud
Aboud is the next position, at Aboud we worked with the local people, we started our work by rehabilitate some of the villages’ houses. It was agreed with the owners of these rehabilitated houses to host some of the victors for few days. At Aboud any visitors who have the need to leave the path can leave!!

D4: camping
The next step is a forest near Jibia , this forest contains camping areas. These areas are divided into two separate zones the first zone is for families and the second is specialized for individuals. At this part people from outside the planned path can come and camp.

D5: Atara
The path between Jibia and Atara also contains natural views, they will have the chance to walk, relax and rest. After that they will reach Atara , at Atara they can have time at AL-Qatrawani Garden and have a trip in a Bazar.
Atara contains the departure point and also a beginning point if we consider taking the path in the Vis versa direction, as starting from Atara and finishing by Beit-Rema.


Fatima Amori

Bayan Araj

Hannan Abdallah

Sama Rimawi



Dr.Shadi Ghadban

Arch. Ala'a Abu Awad